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Contract Payment


Four flexible

payment plans that

fit your production needs.

Effective January 2016

Bid/Pre-viz - No contract, complimentary service.


Hourly* - Great for those who are doing “spec work”, are unsure of their project's creative direction, or for those whose clients have a small budget.  Perfect for quick-turnaround projects, or for unlimited revisions.  Simple, no-lawyer contract.


Payment upon Delivery* - Contract price for a managed project. Limited versioning. Ideal for those with a vision of their completed project, but want the flexibility of a single payment.


Installment* - Three equal payments spread across the duration of the project. Project discount of 5% applied to final installment.  Perfect for those who need high-resolution content for their dailies, edit or presentation materials. Our most popular option.


Pre-pay - Payment at contract acceptance and get a whopping 10% off the project bid price! Immediate, non-watermarked downloads of iterations as they become available.  Ideal for those with clients who are actively involved in the decision-making process. Credit card fees waived.

*Credit card fees may apply.
Current Terms and Conditions

Available Downloads Based on Contract Option

Image Contract Options Table.  Please use contact form for questions or further information.
*vector or layered image files excluded
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